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Erkių Šukos

Erkių Šukos

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Product Name: With handle in addition to flea comb

Product color: white

Product specifications: small (full length 14CM width 3CM) needle row (long 5CM needle length 1CM)

                  Large (full length 18CM wide 4.5CM) needle row (length 6.5CM needle length 2CM)

Quickly and naturally release your pet from flea and mites infections
50% cheaper than flea spray or flea
The comb is designed to lift and separate all types of fur and outerwear so that fleas and flea eggs can be found and removed. It is an excellent flea comb for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that helps protect them from many diseases such as typhoid, mycoplasma, mites or scratches. The use of this comb does not require the use of toxic chemicals, insecticides or irritating dips, making it a natural and safe solution to remove fleas and mites from pets with absolutely no side effects.


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