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Linijomis Raižuotas Baldų Uždangalas

Linijomis Raižuotas Baldų Uždangalas

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Product information:
Material: Chenille
Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Color: Aimei Lisen green, Aimeili gray, Aimeili orange, Aimeili beige, Aimeili blue
Size: 70*70CM, 70*120CM, 70*150CM, 70*180CM, 70*210CM, 90*70CM, 90*90CM, 90*120CM, 90*160CM, 90*180CM, 90*210CM, 90*240CM, 110*110CM, 110*160CM, 110*180CM, 110*210CM, 110*240CM, 45*45CM pillowcase, 30*50CM waist pillowcase, 45*45CM pillow core

Packing list:
Sofa cushion*1

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